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Iran: A new snow record was recorded (videos)

A new snow depth record was recorded last week in Iran. The news is confirmed by both videos and (indirectly) meteorological synoptic maps.


This winter has been quite selective “offering” snow to very specific regions in the northern hemisphere. Once again, Iran was hit by a snow system last Monday-Tuesday (10-11/2/2020). Reports say that higher ground regions may have more than 4 meters of snow. It should be highlighted that many mountains exceed 2000 meters of altitude. A new record has now been achieved in Khalkhal of northwest Iran (altitude of 1800 meters). However, this time snow reached even over low ground rregions, such as Rasht at 0 meters of altitude.


Some synoptic chats show quite extreme conditions in the region last Monday over the south coastline of Caspian Sea


In the next video you may see some nice snow in the city of Rasht in northern Iran at altitude of 0 meters:


While, in Khalkhal at 1800 meters, the snow exceeded 4 meters:

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